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We are a big supporter of outdoor classrooms. We all know the benefits of being outdoors, including elevating mood and a better night’s sleep to name just two. Many studies also highlight the amazing benefits of what combining the great outdoors with learning could do for your classroom.

These studies suggest children benefited from outdoor learning spaces not only in their personal lives through improved behavior and health but also academically through higher test scores. At Grounds For Play, we advocate for outdoor learning by equipping schools and childcares like yours with the equipment you need to create a successful outdoor learning environment. When thinking about outdoor classroom design, two major items should be considered: outdoor classroom furniture and outdoor classroom equipment. However, don’t worry, we have you covered on both.

Outdoor Classroom Furniture

outdoor classroom furniture ideas

When it comes to outdoor classroom furniture or outdoor classroom seating areas, you can get creative! Log stumps? Go for it! Benches that look like trees? You bet! Seats that look like mushrooms? Well, you get the idea. We’re here to help bring your idea to life. What’s more, your outdoor classroom seating area can be specifically designed to ensure the seats are placed three to six feet apart to meet national guidelines as they pertain to the coronavirus, much like the two examples pictured above. A must when it comes to outdoor classroom design? Shade! Providing shade to your outdoor classroom is an economical way of ensuring your class is cool and comfortable, especially for childcares, preschools, or elementary schools that may be located in warmer states. We provide a variety of standard or whimsical designs to help meet your vision. Browse our outdoor classroom furniture below. If you're looking for more traditional, metal furniture, browse our collection here.

Outdoor Classroom Equipment

If you're looking to include outdoor classroom equipment that reflects your curriculum, take a look at all the educational playground equipment we have. Introduce children to weather, the solar system, grid systems, and more with our unique and educational outdoor play equipment. With Grounds For Play, you can create fun outdoor learning spaces that encourage science, math, art, and even music development. We have a variety of outdoor science products that bring key learning to the playground, as well as a collection of outdoor art easels and nature products. Browse some of our outdoor classroom equipment below.

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Building Better Play Environments

With the right play environment, you can transform any outdoor setting into a space for fun and adventure. We offer a wide range of reliable, enjoyable playground equipment where play is encouraged and kids are free to discover.