Childcare and Preschool Playground Equipment 

Give the children at your child development center, child care, or preschool new ways to learn and develop by adding playground equipment that supports your center’s goals. Play is an incredibly important part of how kids grow. As they climb, jump, slide, and swing with friends, they’ll be doing more than having fun — they’ll also be developing key mental, social, physical, and emotional skills.

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What To Look for In a Preschool or Childcare Playground

When you’re considering playground equipment for a preschool or childcare, several factors should be taken into account to ensure the safety, engagement, and development of the students using it.

  • Outdoor Classroom Area: Outdoor classrooms are a vibrant and stimulating environment designed to spark a child’s curiosity and nurture a love for learning. With nature-inspired play structures and interactive learning stations, this space fosters exploration and hands-on educational experiences that seamlessly blend with the beauty of the great outdoors.
  • Line of Sight and Safety: Choose playground equipment that doesn’t hinder supervision so that supervisors have a clear line of sight across the playground.
  • Age-Appropriateness: Choose playground equipment that offers appropriate physical challenges to your students.
  • Inclusivity: Choose equipment that allows children of all abilities to play together.
  • Budget: We know budget is an important factor. Beyond the equipment itself, freight, installation, and surfacing should also be considered.

Budgeting Resources for Preschools and Childcares

Not sure where to start when budgeting for your next playground? Look at our Budgeting Guide, which outlines all the budget areas that should be considered when purchasing a new playground.

There are both state and national grants available to fund playground equipment. Download our handy state-by-state grant guide to see what’s available in your area.

We have secured opportunities for government-funded pre-schools or child cares to utilize national purchasing power through reputable purchasing cooperatives. Not only can you bypass the bidding process, but you can also (in most cases) receive discounts on our playground equipment if you purchase through the cooperative.

Take advantage of our seasonal playground sales! We offer popular playgrounds at steep discounts throughout the year.

Planning Tools

Make shopping for your next play environment easier with the use of our planning tools.

Grounds For Play-Design Process

Design Process

Learn about our design process and what steps you’ll take to build your play environment.

Grounds For Play-Maintenance

Maintenance Plan

Download our Maintenance Guidebook to start creating a maintenance plan for your playground.



Want to see all our playground equipment in one place? Check out our catalog.

Play and Child Development

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of play in early education and development. Children learn so much about the world through unstructured play. At Grounds For Play, we seek to encourage, inspire, and empower children through our play environments. Children will learn through the four important types of play: physical, music and artistic, dramatic, and natural play. Child development goes back to the experiences a child has on the playground, in the backyard, in his or her bedroom, or hanging out in a playroom with other kids. From stretching muscles while climbing ladders to processing emotions through imaginative play, growing and developing is a critical aspect of child recreation. Grounds For Play offers a wide variety of durable, innovative playground equipment specifically catered to child development and play. This is why owners choose our playgrounds for their child care development centers — using them to complement educational goals like promoting maturation, responding to developmental delays, and more. For playgrounds that support child growth through enjoyable recreation, come to us.

Learning Playgrounds to Foster Development

What makes our playgrounds special is that they provide the finest learning and recreational experiences a kid can have on an educational playground. Our catalog includes musical, dramatic, nature-based, and fitness-focused playgrounds. Plus, you can customize colors and features to suit your location and needs. Whichever playground you select for your site, count on it to be a quality structure that encourages play and child development for the ages for which it was created.

Need help with selecting playground equipment?

Our knowledgeable sales representatives can help you pick playground equipment that is age-appropriate, suitable to the space available, and within budget.