Purchasing Resources Budgeting for Your Playground

Although every commercial playground project is unique, our playground clients can anticipate specific costs during the planning process for their new playground. Explore this informative infographic to find answers to the question, "What should I allocate in my budget?"

Grounds For Play Budgeting Graphic

Budget Area One: Playground Equipment Costs

Anticipate that your playground equipment is likely to make up around 20% to 50% of your overall playground budget. The cost of the playground equipment primarily depends on the size and complexity of the structure you have in mind. To get started with your design, it's essential to first determine the number of children you intend to accommodate simultaneously. If you're a school catering to multiple grade levels at once, a larger structure with several independent play elements might be the right choice. On the other hand, for housing communities, a smaller structure along with swings could be a perfect fit. If you're budget-conscious, remember that we offer playground sales throughout the year.

Budget Area Two: Shipping Costs

Freight, or shipping, will take up about 7%-15% of your budget. Your freight rate will be determined by factors such as time of year, your location, current fuel rates, and the size of the equipment you ordered.

Budget Area Three: Installation Costs

You can allocate approximately 22% to 40% of your budget for the installation phase. Here's a valuable insider tip: include a buffer in your installation budget to account for unforeseen circumstances. Your installation budget should encompass not only the actual installation of the playground but also all necessary site preparation work, such as grading and related tasks.

Budget Area Four: Surfacing Costs

Your allocation for surfacing can vary significantly, ranging from approximately 20% to 90% of your budget. The wide range is due to the varying costs associated with different surfacing options. For instance, poured-in-place surfacing stands as one of the more expensive choices, while engineered wood fiber is one of the more cost-effective options. When deciding the most suitable surfacing option for your site, it's essential to consider factors such as accessibility and maintenance requirements.

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