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Most infants begin to sit up at around six months of age, which is when they can move on to other more exciting play products. At Grounds For Play, we design and sell a wide array of safe toddler playground equipment designed for the 6-23 month age group.

Popular outdoor play equipment such as the Infant Exploratorium, Toddler Sensory Tower, and our Corner Boxes help nurture young toddlers as they develop cognitive and gross and fine motor skills. For daycare or preschool environments, we offer safe hands-on activity panels with shapes and textures to keep toddlers engaged and learning.

Toddlers can move, discover, and explore on their own and with other children in a toddler playground. Outdoor play equipment such as a toddler slide, panels, and corner boxes are designed to be attractive, engaging, and developmentally beneficial. Preschool playground equipment should be safe and challenging but accessible. This means equipment should be challenging for both crawling and walking children, as well as low to the ground for easy access and support.

Toddler outdoor playgrounds should also support developing skills. Most infant and toddler play areas will speak to the physical type of play, developing fine and gross motor skills. As children play, they have opportunities to reach new developmental milestones as they explore toddler climbers, slides, panels, and more. In addition to physical development, play panels provide toddlers with learning opportunities such as shape recognition and sensory development. 

Because toddlers require close supervision, it's important your toddler outdoor playground provides high visibility for supervisors. Our play equipment was designed with this in mind!

We at Grounds For Play can help create a toddler playground that's centered around your curriculum. Whether you're looking for a toddler slide, playhouse, or climber, we have the equipment that's right for your needs. Our Design Consultants can create a toddler play environment that combines your vision with practical applications. 

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