Model: 47506 R-Town® Rumblin Racer

This cartoon-like Rumblin' Racer will promote creative thinking and social play for children.

The R-Town® Rumblin Racer ignites children's imaginations as they take the wheel of their own adventure, zooming through imaginary landscapes and racing against the wind. With its sleek design and spinable steering wheels, the Rumblin Racer transforms playtime into a thrilling journey of creativity and exploration.


  • Grounds For Play PLP IconAsset 25 Age Range: 2-5 Years
  • Grounds For Play PLP IconAsset 26 Structure Size: 5' x 3.5'
  • Grounds For Play PLP IconAsset 27 Use Zone: 17'x16'
  • Grounds For Play PLP IconAsset 25 Capacity: 1-2 Children

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