Model: LPAD-G-IG-REC-SRP Lily Pad Cymbals

Make a jam session with only one instrument with the Lilypad Cymbals! Three mallets and 10 discs create the perfect combination for musical harmony for children, teens, and adults.

Similar to their organic cousins, the Lilypad Cymbals invite users to hop around the multi-layered placement of 10 circular discs using 3 individual attached mallets as their guide. The bright, sustaining C major pentatonic notes create a wave of pleasing sounds, inspiring dozens of note combinations. Up to 3 users can participate for even more fun. Its dimensions are 28” x 27” x 40”, and it comes in three mounting options, which include In-Ground, Surface, and Portable. Its recycled HDPE frome, anodized aluminum cymbals, and stainless steel hardware will allow for a long-lasting and durable structure.


  • Grounds For Play PLP IconAsset 25 Age Range: All Ages

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