Model: RECF0070XX Mini Car

Give the kids at your location another place for their imaginations to run wild! With our Mini Car playground set, you have a clever and creative tool for facilitating social and imaginative play.

Equipped with two steering wheels and available in various colors, this dramatic playground feature accommodates two children at a time, giving them the perfect place for pretending to steer and drive a car together. As they grip the wheels and talk about the drive, they are building social and cognitive understanding. Anywhere that small kids are learning and playing, you can expand educationally enriching play with products from Grounds For Play. We’re proud to be your one-stop resource for play environments of all kinds.


  • Grounds For Play PLP IconAsset 25 Age Range: 2-12 Years
  • Grounds For Play PLP IconAsset 26 Structure Size: 45"x45"
  • Grounds For Play PLP IconAsset 27 Use Zone: 10'x10'

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