Model: IMBA-IG-REC-SRP Imbarimba

The Imbarimba design combines elements of two African classic instruments, the marimba (a resonated xylophone) and the kalimba (a thumb piano).

Create beautiful pentatonic music with the Imbarimba's earthly and percussive sound as it plays C major (left side) and A minor (right side). The coated bars are entirely weatherproof, withstand hard use, and deliver the sound of a wooden instrument without unwanted maintenance. This 49-pound instrument comes in three mounting options, which include In-Ground, Surface, or Portable. It is made from a recycled HDPE frame, anodized aluminum bars, and stainless steel hardware, and its dimensions are 46” x 29” x 46”.


  • Grounds For Play PLP IconAsset 25 Age Range: All Ages

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