Playground Installation Process

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We at Grounds For Play use CPSI certified installers to ensure your play equipment is installed correctly and safely. Here’s what you can expect when your play environment is built.

1. Outdoor space is prepared for installation.

Before the build can begin, your playground installer will do a number of things to prepare your space. This includes:

  • Identifying any underground lines before digging into the ground
  • Removing asphalt, concrete, and any debris from the area
  • Grading the site to be as level as possible for a safe play area

2. Receive equipment and properly store it.

Play equipment will be delivered to your facility. Make sure all necessary equipment is undamaged and tools are on-hand. Be sure to properly store equipment until it’s installed. Play equipment should be installed a few days from delivery. The packaging material is not well suited for extended periods of storage in an uncontrolled environment. Powder coated items may become damaged from moisture in the environment and heat generated inside the plastic bag. Large plastic items need to be stored flat or well supported in order to prevent warping.

3. Build play environment.

Grounds For Play will start installing your play equipment on a day without inclement weather. Tips for the building process includes:

  • Play structures will be built in a radiating fashion, starting with the core of the structure and building outwards
  • Adding the warning label and manufacturer ID/age-appropriate label
  • Never leave site unattended

4. Start playing!

Once any finishing touches such as landscaping are complete, you and your children can start enjoying your new play environment! If you need more information on playground installation, check out some of our frequently asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of surfacing should I use?

A: Playground surfacing provides safety and minimizes the risk of injury. We at Grounds For Play only offer surfacing options with proven track records for safety. Check out our surfacing guide to help choose the kind best for you.


Q: What other items should I consider before installing a new play environment?

A: You can complete your play space with site furnishings (perfect for outdoor classrooms!) and fabric or all-steel shelters to provide sun protection to play areas.


Q: Who do I contact if I need help with the installation?

A: Contact your Grounds For Play consultant if you need any assistance during any part of your playground process.

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Building Better Play Environments

With the right play environment, you can transform any outdoor setting into a space for fun and adventure. We offer a wide range of reliable, enjoyable playground equipment where play is encouraged and kids are free to discover.