Planning and Design

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How can your environment promote independent and educational play with the utmost safety for children and the greatest ease of use by teachers?

Other companies describe their structures based on “capacity,” which is how many children can fit on a structure. However, capacity-based design is dangerous because it:

  • Encourages the crowding of children on elevated decks
  • Leads to shoving or jockeying for space
  • Induces falls
  • Encourages unhealthy competition
  • Creates “waiting lines” for use of equipment

By contrast, our environments help children spread out as they choose to allow for appropriate play in various areas or zones. In this section, you can learn more about how we go about planning and designing a playground that meets the full range of needs for children and caregivers.

Our Design Philosophy
Designing Inclusive Environments
Age-Specific Play
The Design Process
Shade for Play Environments
Disinfecting Playground Equipment