Rubber Mushroom

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  • mushroom playground equipment
  • mushroom playground equipment
  • mushroom playground equipment

Whether a stepper or a seat, our Rubber Mushroom has multiple playground uses!

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The Rubber Mushroom is a great playground addition and has many uses! When paired together, they can be used by children to cross from one playground deck to another. These mushrooms are just like stepping stones and make a great natural connector between structures. What's more, you can offset the height of the mushrooms for an even greater physical challenge.

Our Rubber Mushrooms also act as a seat for outdoor classrooms. This themed designed can be placed in a semicircle or offset rows to allow every child a play to sit in the outdoor classroom.

Quick Highlights:

  • Available in Multiple Colors
  • Available in Four Heights: 11.5", 15.5", 19.5", and 23.5"


Series: Independent Play: Balance Age Range: 2-12 Years

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