Lone Star Early Childhood Center Case Study

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Located in New Braunfels, Texas, the Lone Star Early Childhood Education Center is part of the New Braunfels Independent School District. They are dedicated to providing their children with a learning experience of the highest quality so they have a strong foundation for life-long learning. Their comprehensive program serves approximately 300 children between the ages of three and four years old. 

In the transition from a Pre-K to 5th grade program to a Pre-K-only program, Lone Star was in need of a new play environment that best fit their needs as an early childhood campus. 

In This Case Study

  • How Grounds For Play met the needs and wants of Lone Star
  • How this play environment is age- and developmentally-appropriate 
  • Link to a video to see this play space in action

Building Better Play Environments

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