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Conway, Arkansas

The Childcare Network has many locations throughout the U.S. Grounds For Play worked with the Conway, Ark. location to add new child care equipment to their outdoor learning space. 

Since they cater to children from infants to school-agers, it was important that they had fun equipment that catered to children of all ages. This project includes playground equipment that enriches the different types of play: physical, nature, dramatic, and social.

One dramatic play element of this project also includes a nature play aspect thanks to our Cedarville collection. This area includes a Garden House, Garden Hut, Cozy Corner, and Basic Deck. Other dramatic elements also include the polytone playhouse and airboat.

There's also a trike track area complete with a stop sign, yield sign, cafe facade, and gas station facade. 

The musical play area features a bongo panel, imbarimba, steel drum, rain wheel, and thunder drums. 

We created an area with interactive play panels at ground level that's perfect for younger children! These panels include the shape spinner panel, peek a boo panel, texture panel, and truck panel.

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