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Integrated Play Environments

Other companies see a child in a wheelchair and simply provide an elevated sandbox. Grounds For Play sees the emotional needs of the child and provides an integrated sand experience so all children can play together. While the elevated sandbox provides access to sand, the child needs access to play with his peers in an integrated setting! Our approach to inclusive, or equitable play, is just one thing that points out a BIG difference in our approach.

How to Create an Inclusive Playground

For a playground to be inclusive, all children must be able to interact with any play element regardless of physical ability. Here are three important elements to creating an inclusive play environment:

  1. Use appropriate surfacing. A key to creating an accessible play area is the coordination of the various surfaces on the playground. Transitions from pathways to grass, from ramps to pathways, and from resilient surfaces to pathways must be planned to create access for children of all abilities. 
  2. Integrate accessible play elements. Your design consultant can help you integrate play components that all children can easily access on either ground or deck level. 
  3. Support and foster growth and development. An inclusive play environment should include a variety of products that provide children with opportunities to develop social, sensory, cognitive, and physical skills.

Inclusive Play Opportunities

  1. Musical play encourages collaboration and creativity. It's also appropriate for users of any developmental stage. 
  2. Dramatic play facilitates imagination, social dialogue, symbolic thinking, and creativity. Consider our talk tubes, playhouses, or steering wheels. 
  3. Quiet or semi-enclosed spots provide children with space where they can seek sensory relief or retreat until they are ready to play. These types of spaces could be used with our crawl tubes, under deck bench, Kiddie Kave, or Moon Crater Climber.
  4. Motion and movement activities provide sensory-rich feedback to provide proprioceptive stimulation through spinning, which is important for motor planning and control. Consider our Inclusive Orbit, Cozy Pod Spinner, or adaptive swing seats. 
  5. Half activity panels provide adequate space underneath to allow children using mobility devices to comfortably reach play activities. 

Featured Accessible Playground Projects

Bruce Drysdale Elementary
Berea Grindstone Elementary

Inclusive Playground Products

Intergenerational Playground Equipment

When planning your inclusive play environment, consider adding intergenerational playground equipment, equipment that is designed to bring people of all ages and abilities together. A great place to start is by checking out our musical instruments.

Create an Inclusive Play Environment with Grounds For Play

Grounds For Play provides full service playground development, from design through site preparation, safety surfacing, landscaping, and paved pathways. It is this seamlessly integrated approach that makes truly integrating environments possible. Let's work together to capture the unique spirit, vision, and character of your project. Contact us to get started!

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