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At Grounds For Play,  we only use quality playground materials. Manufactured at our west Georgia manufacturing facility, our environmentally-friendly playgrounds are proudly made in the USA. You can trust our playgrounds are built to last and will provide fun for years to come.


We offer the look and feel of wood without the unwanted maintenance.

Our recycled posts and decks look similar to wood but without the unwanted maintenance! This material is made from post-consumer plastic products, like milk jugs and detergent bottles. Neat, right? These reinforced posts and decks are vandal resistant and protected from rotting, splitting, cracking, or splinters. Additionally, the posts have UV additives to protect from fading and are resistant to termites, marine borers, salt spray, oil, and fungus (making them perfect for coastal areas!). All of this combined provides a child-friendly, low maintenance, and slip-resistant surface for play.

FUN FACTS: What is the benefit of using Grounds For Play's recycled decking?

It's low maintenance.
Plastic coated punched steel and expanded metal decks are subject to rust, wear, and vandalism that causes the loss of coating. Our recycled decking is high-performance and resistant to fading and vandalism. These decks can be easily maintained with soap and water and a light pressure wash to keep your playground looking new. If a piece of decking is somehow vandalized, it can be replaced without the need to replace an entire deck.

It's environmentally-friendly and non-toxic.
Our posts and decks are made from 95% recycled materials, such as recycled plastic from many common household items like milk jugs. In fact, one pound of our plastic lumber utilizes a total of 8 gallon-sized milk jugs. Using this product helps reduce the stress on solid waste landfills. Additionally, shall you need to purchase a new playground, you can dismantle your structure and recycle the post and decking.

We use 30% recycled galvanized steel tubing.

We use galvanized steel for all tubing for maximum strength and durability. Both the interior and exterior of all of our galvanized steel parts have been through the Triple Flo-Coat® process to ensure greater corrosion resistance. All galvanized steel tubing is 95%–98% recyclable. 

Our textured high density polyethylene is strong and UV stabilized.

Our strong ¾” thick, textured high density polyethylene material is used for our activity panels, signs, and even some of our climbers! With UV stabilization, we ensure your carefully selected color will remain bright and colorful for years to come. Additionally, these panels are stain and graffiti resistant and will not splinter or crack. 




Our rotationally-molded plastics have anti-static inhibitors.

Our rotationally-molded plastics, such as those used for slides and tubes, is made of 1/4” thick low density polyethylene (LDPE). Not only are our rotationally-molded plastics UV stabilized for reduced fading, but they also contain anti-static inhibitors. Strong and durable, components made of this material are ready to withstand many long days at the playground.

Our powder coat leaves your structure protected.

Our steel components are primed at the welded areas and coated with 3-5 mils of powder coat to protect your playground from fading and rush, leaving your playground protected from the sun and rain. Additional extra-protection coating options for regions, such as coastal, are available. Our powder coat can be found on all our metal components, like our playground climbers.

We offer stainless steel hardware so you won’t worry about rust.

99% of the hardware we use is stainless steel, with less than 1% of our hardware being corrosion-resistant coated steel. Our hardware is mostly vandal-resistant, keeping your playground safe from tampering. Additionally and depending upon your design, we provide security patches to ensure screws lock into vertical pipes. Our hardware is packaged individually and labeled allowing for more efficient installation.

We keep your children cooler and protected.

Our shade fabric blocks 91%–99% of harmful UV rays, depending upon the color you’ve chosen to accompany your play structure. Our UV stabilized fabric is created from high-density polyethylene and Rachel knitted to resist fading, abrading, rotting, shrinkage, and unraveling. The fabric is also flame retardant, with some of our color choices being California Fire Marshal certified.




Full product specifications available upon request.

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