Model: RC-909SR Ascend Arch

Ascend to the pinnacle of play with the Ascend Arch, our freestanding rope net climber designed for ages 5-12. This innovative playground feature invites young adventurers to scale new heights, promoting physical development, strength, and coordination.

Unleash the spirit of exploration as children conquer the sturdy ropes of the Ascend Arch, creating lasting memories of active and imaginative play. Elevate your playground experience with this captivating structure that combines fun and fitness seamlessly—ascend to new horizons of excitement.


  • Grounds For Play PLP IconAsset 25 Age Range: 5-12 Years
  • Grounds For Play PLP IconAsset 27 Use Zone: 25' 6" x 25' 6"
  • Grounds For Play PLP IconAsset 30 Fall Height: 6'

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