Model: RECF0036XX Double Sided Art Easel

Our children’s Double-Sided Art Easel is available in a 45'' or 86'' width and is the perfect way to paint and color outdoors, while allowing as many children to participate as possible. Toggle between the two options below.

This kid's art easel is ideal for outdoor classrooms or activity centers within daycare centers, early childhood development centers, or elementary schools. Teachers can hang paper on the easel or young artists can paint creations directly on the Lexan window panel. Watercolor paints will clean off easily for recurring use. Each easel section is double-sided and each side features six paint or utility brush holders. You can purchase as many easel sections as needed to accommodate the number of children you'd like to cater to. Each easel section is sold separately. Single-Sided Versions and Paint Cups are also available.


  • Grounds For Play PLP IconAsset 25 Age Range: All Ages

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