Music for Playgrounds

It’s never too early to develop a love for music —and that’s why Grounds For Play offers musical play instruments to encourage and nurture interests in music. From a Palm Lap Drum to a Baby Grand Metallophone, all of our outdoor music playground instruments are designed to engage children. Our musical play products give children a way to learn about music by touching, banging, beating, and playing assorted instruments. Whether they’re used in school, community, religious or other settings, they enhance play environments by expanding the ways children can learn and explore their creativity in the world.

Small Dramatic and Musical Play Package

Medium Dramatic and Musical Play Package


Wooden and Steel Instrument Mallets

Contrabass Chimes Outdoor Music Instrument


Synthetic Key Instrument Mallets


Aluminum Key Instrument Mallets

Pagoda Bells Outdoor Music Instrument

Lilypad Cymbals Outdoor Music Instrument

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