Playground Grant and Stimulus Guide

playground grants for early childhood outdoor playgrounds

Educational Playground Grants

Grounds For Play is committed to designing and building outdoor play environments for children of all ages that are safe and encourage social, emotional, language, cognitive, motor and physical skill development. For that reason, we encourage and provide resources for funding your play environment through national and state-specific grants. You can also contact your consultant for questions or additional budgeting and planning information.

How to Get a Playground Grant

Acquiring a playground grant can oftentimes seem like a long, drawn-out process, but our Grant and Stimulus Guide is here to help you through the process even though we do not directly offer grants from Grounds For Play. We invite you to use this as a resource that we update annually to assist our customers to acquire grants for playgrounds. Here are few things that can help you prepare to apply for a playground grant for your daycare, school, pre-school, and more:

  1. Do your research and prepare.
  2. Write your grant application and tell the grantmaker about your establishment, your needs, and why the playground grant is the solution.
  3. Follow all pre- and post-grant guidelines.

Get Your Playground Grant Guide Today

With deadlines approaching every month, there is no need to delay researching for your playground equipment grant. We have divided the grant opportunities into national and state for easy browsing. There are federal/government, corporate, and local grants available to apply for. Request your copy of our FREE Grant and Stimulus Guide today!

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