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Crowdfunding Made Easy

Planning a successful crowdfunding campaign for a new playground project can be difficult time-consuming. We have broken down that process to make it easy for you! Meet Partnerships For Play. Partnerships For Play is a crowdfunding program designed to help you design and raise money for your playground project. The platform works with you and your sales representative to plan and execute a successful crowdfunding campaign for your project.

How does it work?

The campaign has a four-phase structure to collect important information through planning, recruiting, engagement, and execution. From start to finish, this process takes course over the time frame of 8 weeks to create a successful crowdfuding campaign.

  1. Planning: Set clear goals for your campaign. We work closely with you and your sales representative to set up clear campaign goals and your crowdfuding site.
  2. Recruiting: Build awareness through soft launch. Host events such as a PTA  launch party or pep rally to excite parents and students. You could even have your sales representative come out to present!
  3. Engagement: Time to launch your campaign. Through multiple touch points, you launch your campaign to the community through printed posters, emails, social media, etc.
  4. Execution: Create hype to raise big funds. Different ways to create hype would be to offer prizes for money amounts raised, press release, etc. News coverage has often worked for past projects!

Let's get started!

Start raising money for your project with Partnerships For Play. We have several options to aid you to reach your fundraising goal. Collateral creation for your campaign can include anything from press releases to social media posts to a video. Allow Grounds For Play and your sales representative help you raise the money your project deserves. Let's team up and make your playground dream a reality!