How Children Learn and Grow with Music on the Playground

How Children Learn and Grow with Music on the Playground

Music play is an important part of a child's development. From banging on a toy xylophone as a toddler to playing with child-sized musical instruments a few years later, children need the opportunity to explore music on their own terms. Playground equipment that incorporates music can help children learn about music while also improving their memory and motor skills.

Playground Music Boosts Creativity and Brain Power

Children who play with musical instruments develop greater creative thinking abilities. This play also improves children's working memory and fine motor skills. Children who learn music in a formal setting show greater math, reading, and language skills. Music, whether informal instruction or informal play, helps children develop mentally.

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Add a Musical Garden to Your Play Area

Do you want to add music play to your outdoor play area? Consider adding a music garden. This is a dedicated play area where musical play equipment is centralized. Children can work together to create a song or simply explore several different instruments in one area. Consider adding five or six playground pieces that incorporate music into your music garden.


Products to Add to Your Playground

If you are looking to add playground music to your outdoor play area, you will find several excellent options. Consider drums, chimes, keyboards, or a combination of all of these.

In addition to the instruments of your choice, you can add some shade to make the area more appealing.

Your music garden doesn't have to take up much space in your playground, but it will provide excellent opportunities for music play that boosts the development of the children who use the play equipment. Start planning yours today, and watch as creativity soars in your outdoor play area.