Playgrounds for Toddlers

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Children are more than just little bodies. They have developing minds, growing personalities, and impressionable spirits. That’s why we at Grounds For Play seek to encourage, inspire, and empower children of all abilities. Through our play equipment for toddlers, you can help support the preschool aged children in your community.

Age-Appropriate Play Equipment Ideas

Grounds For Play’s toddler outdoor playground equipment helps children develop mentally, socially, and physically. Below, learn about which Grounds For Play products cater to toddlers.

  1. Physical Play | Playground Structure
    Our toddler structures promote gross motor skills and physical activity.
  2. Musical Play | Mini Sound Wave
    Studies have shown that actively playing a musical instrument improves cognitive skills, listening, and social interactions.
  3. Dramatic Play | Mini Car
    The Mini Car allows children to participate in dramatic play, which enables them to act out different roles and situations.

Playgrounds for 2-5 Year Olds

There are few things toddlers love more than being outside and developing their skills on a playground. With that in mind, Grounds for Play has specifically designed playground equipment for 2-5 year olds that encourages physical, social, emotional, and cognitive stimulation as they play. Toddlers will love testing their limits and exploring imaginative play, even as they’re learning and growing in the process.

At Grounds for Play, we design creative play set equipment for toddlers in a way that caters to specific developmental needs. Like all the age-appropriate developmental playground sets we offer, these playgrounds are built to the highest safety standards and created with plenty of customization opportunities for your site. Whether you’re looking for the right play sets for a school, a park, a daycare or elsewhere, explore our options. Browse our large catalog or contact us to learn more!