Tuned Drums Outdoor Music Instrument

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Let the children or adults in your community march to the beat of their drums with the Tuned Drums.

Instrument dimensions: 64” x 16” x 38”

Mounting options: In-Ground, Surface, Portable

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Bringing rhythmic, percussive sounds to the outdoors has never been easier with the Tuned Drums. Featuring a distinctive Afro-Cuban influence similar to Congo Drums, this set of five drums can be played by hand, creating deep resonating beats that inspire movement and dance. Available in two sizes - Adult or Toddler. Drums can be installed in any arrangement or layout, or can be purchased individually to create a unique set.

The Tuned Drums are great for cultivating fun and creativity in children. It comes as a set of five or individually. Each drum is a different size including: 15”, 12”, 10”, 8”, and 6”. The tallest drum makes the deepest sound, while the shortest makes the highest sound.
The Tuned Drums can be arranged and installed in any location and pattern. However, drums must be installed less than 3” or more than 9” apart for children’s safety. For wheelchair accessibility, it’s recommended to leave a 36” clearance around the entire drum arrangement so children of all abilities can play.
These playground drums are available in toddler and adult heights. They come in green with four different cap color options: rainbow, natural, moss, and taupe.


Mount Type: In-ground Mount Mount Type: Surface Mount Mount Type: Portable

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