Imbarimba Outdoor Music Instrument

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The Imbarimba design combines elements of two African classic instruments, the marimba (a resonated xylophone) and the kalimba (a thumb piano).

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Create beautiful pentatonic music with the Imbarimba's earthly and percussive sound. The coated bars are entirely weatherproof, withstand hard use, and deliver the sound of a wooden instrument without the unwanted maintenance.

Quick Highlights:

  • Instrument dimensions: 46” x 29” x 46”
  • Mounting options: In-Ground, Surface, Portable
  • C major (left side) and A minor (right side)
  • Recycled HDPE frame
  • Anodized aluminum resonators
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Weight: 49 lbs.


Mount Type: In-ground Mount Mount Type: Surface Mount Mount Type: Portable Developmental Elements: Music Play

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