Faux Log Tunnel

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The Faux Log Tunnel is fun and safe for children to climb on, climb over, or crawl through.

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Allow children to pretend they're exploring in nature with our Faux Log Tunnel. The tunnel is great for physical activity or can even act as a cozy spot on the playground. Not to mention, the tunnel's design allows for maximum visibility for caretakers and teachers. Inspired by nature, the Faux Log Tunnel will give your outdoor space the look and feel of nature with the durability of an engineered product. Hand-painted and beautifully designed, this tunnel resembles a real tree with wood grain and bark finishes but won't rot.

Quick Highlights:

  • Model: 4LT
  • Length: 4'
  • Space Required: 15' 5" x 15' 8"
  • Ages: 2-5, 5-12
  • User Capacity: 4-5
  • Weight: 1,300 lbs.


Product Name: Faux Log Tunnel Developmental Elements: Nature Products

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