Cambridge Elementary Magnet School

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Cocoa, Florida

It not uncommon for students to have some behavior-related problems while in school, especially if they are unsure of what is expected of them. When punishment is the only reaction, children are not able to learn the necessary skills to make positive changes. To improve school safety and promote positive behavior, Cambridge Elementary Magnet School in Cocoa, Fla. became a Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) school in 2009. The school was recognized as a PBIS Silver Level Model School the following year for their proficiency at implementing PBIS. With this proactive approach, schools teach students positive behavior strategies. While this is done in the classroom, it’s also reinforced by having dedicated recess time for all students.

We worked with the school to create a playground catered to the students’ physical developmental needs as well as the school's proximity to the coast. They opted for Grounds For Play's recycled playground material to ensure a corrosion-resistant playground structure for years to come.

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